Aaron Moshe

From Italy - Returning to Israel - Consultancy 2015


Just recently i discovered to be a jewish. I wanted to know more about my origins so i decided to go to israel and learn about the traditions, religion and way of life. I wanted to return it on the proper way, and i was recomended to use Etti's consultancies. Etti immediatly understood what i was in need of, and guided me, step by step through all the processes. I hate paperwork and she was able to make it so easy and FAST. In no time i was able to:

  • be recognized as a jew from the rabanut

  • Brit Milah ceremony

  • Aliyah 


Tip: The fact she was always very direct and honest made the process very clear and avoided all the misunderstanding.

Relyn Daproza

From Philippines - Caregiver in Canada 2015


I was working in Israel and wanted to move to Canada to be able to make enough money to support my family in the Philippines and get Permanent residence in Canada at the end of two years work as a nanny.  Friends recommended me to contact Etti and so I did.
She assisted me from A to Z and updated me through the process. She well informed me on how to reach the next step, being always on my side.


Tip: Be as clear as you can, make sure you have experience with children and good English skill is required.

Bikash Kumari

From Nepal - Caregiver in Canada 2015


Canada was always a dream for me and Etti made it come true. She helped me find the employer, with all the paper works, embassies, interviews, transportations, flights and finally meet my new employers in Canada! I am taking care of 2 incredible small children and we are having an amazing time. Canada is just the right place for me. I am so lucky I met Etti and thanks to her professionalism, I am now experiencing a new incredible journey.


Tip: Assist her and be as clear as you can! It will help her to achieve your goals faster!

Juliet Sayo

From Philippines - Caregiver in Canada 2015


I met Etti on her trip in the Philippines and during her stay I was able to share my stories with her. I wanted to support my family in the Philippines it's hard to raise a family. Etti kindly offered me her hand and services. I got a job and work permit in Canada and left the Philippines. I am very lucky to have met Etti and be able to live and work in Canada . On days off I spend my time with my new Filipinos friends here in the community. I am able to support my family and everyone is proud of me.


Tip: Don’t  be afraid, she will assist you in all your needs!!!

Leslie Ann

From Philippines - Caregiver in Canada 2015


I was working in Israel as a caregiver and wanted to move to Canada were after two years working there as a nanny you can apply for permanent residence. I asked Etti for help after some recommendations, and i can say I took the right decision! Etti helped me not only in finding me an excellent job, but also of all the process that is around it:

  •        Excellent employers

  •        Work permit with good salary

  •        Health insurance

  •        Accomodation

  •        A tourist VISA for my husband to come and visit me!


Tip: You can be lucky too!

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