Etti Almagor  


Etti Almagor is a certified Immigration Attorney and Notary Public with over 18 years of experience.

Etti works closely with the Jewish Community in Portugal, the organization tasked with overseeing the validation of claims made by the descendants of Jews expelled from Portugal in the 15th century. She also has connections with Notaries in Spain directly involved in the confirmation of claims. Her expertise extends all the way to Canada, where she has been assisting in the immigration process for nearly a decade.


This professional combination significantly increases the chances of success of our clients.


Attorney and Notary Etti Almagor, supervises each client's Application process from start to end and ensure that every application is always handled with the attention and priority it deserves.


Regardless of the issues you face with regard to immigration and nationality, our team of professionals will be able to resolve it.

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Attorney & Notary Etti Almagor

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