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Immigration to Canada.

Canada promotes immigration through various migration programs the most popular of which is referred to as Express Entry.

The basis of this program is that the applicant be a professional with work experience and knowledge of English or French. There are also programs, such as "caregiving" which require one year of experience working with children, 13 years of schooling, and sufficient English skills to enter the program that entitles applicants to permanent residency after two years of working in Canada. Other options: Study or work in Canada.

If you wish to immigrate, study, or work in Canada, please contact us and we will go over the possibilities with you in detail.


Caregiver Program
Eligibility for the program:


  • over 18 years old

  • more than 12 years of school

  • over 1 year child work paid experience

  • good english skills

  • good health

  • clean criminal records

You will offered a well paid job including work permit, insurance, accomodation and food.

Study in Canada programs

If you are being accepted to study at a designated learning institution we can assist you to receive:


  • student visa

  • part time working permits

  • Full time work permits during school breaks

Work in Canada Programs


If you are being offered a job and your employer is willing to apply for LMIA certificate we will assist you in the whole process of the work permit.

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